Layout – WIP (3)

I have tried many different layouts and like this better. A big circle connects three countries.



3 thoughts on “Layout – WIP (3)

  1. claudionz says:

    Hi Ken… I see you’re building up your infohraphic. I’d get rid of the colours now, working on the layout as first thing (on my screen the “green” China looks really bad, sorry!). Furthermore, you may want to consider bringing NZ at the same size as the others… keeping it small might give a wrong idea of less important country?


    • Hi Claudio, thanks for your feedback. I use the same country and BG colours as those in the world map in Research (2). They looks OK for me. I might change them later if I could find better colour combination. At the moment it is for layout purpose. The size of country is the same as in the world map. I would like to keep their relative sizes.


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